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Bcase Multi Purpose Magnetic Cable Clips

This cable organizer with creative design support you setting up a more effective solution for cable management. It contains two parts, magnet base and magnet buckles. Peel off the magnet base's protective film on the back and stick to any surface such as wall, desktop, bedside table etc. Tie your cable with the magnet buckle(Remember Choose the Right Size), then you can attach the cable to the base firmly. It's really simple but effective.


- Magnet Design
- Buckle with 3 sizes of hole fits almost every smartphone cables' diameter from 2.7mm to 3.5mm
(about 0.106~0.138 inches)
- 3M Damage-Free Adhesive Backing Tape for secure and easy to stick on most surfaces
- Color:Light Green
- Dimensions:
Magnet Base(L=89.63 x W=19.69 x H=6.27 mm/L=3.53 x W=0.78 x H=0.25 inches)
Magnet Buckle(Diam=13.78 H=8.61 mm/Diam=0.54 H=0.34 inches)
- Weight:13.7g(about 0.48 ounces)

Package includes:

1 x Magnet Base
3 x Magnet Buckle

Category: Holder

Type: Organzier