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Handbag Desk LED Lamp

It is a beautiful small handbag which is convenient to carry on and when put on the desktop it is an elegant item. Once you pull the bag belt it becomes a cute LED lamp. It is made from PMMA. Its size is 14.3×6.7×14.0cm while its weight is 0.168kg. There are five optional colors which are blue, red, yellow, white and pink. It adopts an energy saving and long service life LED bulb.

Rotate it to the desired angle. Pressing once and 5 LED lights are on, it can be used continuously for 7 hours while pressing twice and 9 LED lights are fully on, it can be used continuously for 5 hours. When the battery is in fully discharged state you should stop using it and timely charge it to protect the battery. It can be recycled and used more than 500 times.

Type: Lighting