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True Blood Necklace

Love and heat is missed by the line. People always linger at the love and pain. Hate more, love more. Blood! You are the neat blood in my heart which rushes the further ignorance of love. The designer of angs primary design school started this True Blood necklace. 

It displays the beauty of mobility. Because of the blood, it is dangerous and to make a solemn pledge of love. It is said that true blood, so no other things can show the faith and steadfast. In order to fit more sizes, an eight cm additional chain is sent to you for free. The body of necklace is made of electroplating rosy gold which is not easy to be oxidized and blackened. The pendant and the chain are welded together and not replaced. 

Let the blood inscribe in your heart and let the necklace wit the true love.

Material:925 silver,18K gold plate

Type: Jewelry