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Love You 500 Years Ring

The Love you 500 years ring are designed as the Incantation of the Golden Hoop, which comes from the Story of a Journey to the West (The Pilgrimage to the West), the Monk used it to keep the Monkey King under control. 

In the movie, Monkey King fell in love with a demoness and tried to sell out his master, who begging for his disciple's mercy and sacrificing himself to save his disciple. The Goddess of Mercy then decided to send the Monkey 500 years forward in time to live a life of sufferings as a mortal before passing judgment. So the Monkey King had to pretend he didn't know about his lover-demoness and said to her:

Once I let a true love slip away before my eyes.
Only to find myself regretting when it was too late.
Nothing in the world can be as painful as this. 
If the God would give me another chance, I would tell the girl I love her.
If our love had to be set a time limit, I wish it would be 10,000 year!

Five Hundred Years Waiting, Just for You!
Material:925 silver+plated rose gold

Category: Ring

Type: Jewelry