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Grenada Knife Revolver Notebook

When you step into the talks table, there is one series notebook which can make your opponent trembled with fear. You might never see such novelty notebook.

This series has 3 different pattern designed, which are Grenada, Rambo knife, Revolver. Unit notebook has 60 sheets, which size refers to the picture. Do not like normal notebook, black 4 series uses the vacuum molding technology to make a 3D weapon cover with metal buckle. You can put the keys, keychain, etc to the metal buckle on the notebook. The paper of notebook is 1.5 times as thick as ordinary notebook. The design is funny. Take the Grenada pattern as example. The first number on the notebook is to start the countdown which reminds you to against the clock. Why? The reason is the Grenada is to explode.

Black 4 series do not advocate the violence and weapon. It preaches the hope. Hope people find power to face with the trouble and setback. No matter the exam or the meeting, be tough on yourself and the power becomes the most important weapon of you. 


Type:Grenada, Rambo knife, Revolver