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Bike Laser Beam Rear Tail Light

Night time riding is always a big security risk for cyclists. The appearance of the laser tail light is amazing. Be different with normal LED tail light, it uses a laser to project a virtual bike lane behind the rider. It adopts the most advanced two kinds of laser light mode which can be operated by high brightness LED lights and laser lights showing at the same time. 

There are five high brightness LED lamps with lasting efficiency, stable and waterproof which can be used in the rain. The flash function can be used for warning; therefore, it can bring you night riding with an unparalleled security experience. Its size is 3.8×4.8 ×8 cm while its weight is 0.448 kg. It uses three 7 conventional batteries to provide power. LED lights can be used for up to 100000 hours. There is a warning that it will never look like a straight LED light!

Type: Gadgets