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Flash Optical Fiber Braids

With a hairpin on it, you can easily clip in the hair.Especially during night,the optical fiber silk will be glowing as showed in the pictures which making you definitely defferent. It's perfect for getting noticed at parties, concerts, clubs, home coming, and other special occasions!Our products are including the electronic so you can use it immediately.


The longest in the strands are 14 inch / 35.5cm, but they are cut in a cascade so that they flow beautifully.


The 2 button cell batteries can support 5 - 8 hours and could be changed when the light becomes too dim.


How to use:

1. take off the pin in the back

2: attach it to hair with pin

3. turn on the switch, put the main part under your hair to hide it!

how to change the batteries:

1. Slide hte cover and take out from main part

2. take out hte used batteries

3. be careful of "+" and "-"

4. Put the cover it

Category: LED

Type: Decor