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Wood LED Clock

Simple and understated, this Wood LED Clock works with almost any space and in any room. The clever clock has a thin layer of veneer on the face that allows the LED lights to shine through. Perfect on a night stand.


-Multi-function electronic table clock: has functions such as the alarm clock, time, temperature, date and sonic; -three AA battery, AC/DC adapter, input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ, output: 6 VDC, output current: 500 mA.
-The bamboo/wood grain shape and texture can bring the breath of nature into the bedroom.

-Insert the adapter dc source into the clock interface, the clock can start to time.

-Green LED lamp with digital display, after you open switches, the soft LED light will show in the smooth bamboo surface, even at night you can see clearly of the time.
-Double power supply mode for your choice, three groups of any time alarm Settings, and sonic induction function,in classic shape, it's fashion and convenient.

--Ater the alarm clock opened, the three functions time, date and temperature will be broadcast into round state, then you can get information on what you need (if you don't need, you can choose to close the function)

Type: Clock