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Portable Vibration Speaker Vibe Holic

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This cool product comes from a idea that when you hit a drum with drumsticks, its surface vibrates and makes the air around it vibrate, generating a sound. Using this vibration principle, objects, such as a paper box, a piece of wood, a postcard, or an umbrella, for example, can turn into portable speakers with Vibe Holic’s mini module.

Try with as many different materials as you want and listen to all different sounds. When used with a corrugated cardboard box, it delivers high quality sound, like using a sub-woofer. So you can bring your sub-woofer anywhere!

The “Magic PU” sticker that comes with Vibe Holic will help to stick it easily on any surface. When it gets dirty, wipe with a wet finger then it will be sticky again and ready to be reused.

Compatible to connect with various devices, you can connect it to any device with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack like portable media players, MP3 players, laptops and handheld consoles. Powered by two AAA batteries or USB.

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