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Kitchen Knife Mirror

$15.00 USD - Sold Out

In some strange parallel universe the idea of producing a makeup mirror which resembles a kitchen cleaver seems to make sense, and now there’s the Kitchen Knife Mirror to prove it. It’s apparently shatter proof, scratch proof and made from...

Office Rearview Mirror

$6.00 USD - Sold Out

This is a rearview mirror for anti-peeping in office. Place it on the top edge of computer monitor, so you don’t need to turn you head back. Ramdon Color

Subway Map & Mirror Card

$22.00 USD

: 90x5.4x0.8cmWeight: 0.02kgMade in Shanghai

Carzor-Card Shaped Razor & Mirror

$9.99 USD

It is a card, a mirror and a razor, it can be all the above at the same time. The blades are stored safely behind the mirror while it’s in your pocket, and it’s easy to use. This quirky design...

LED Makeup Mirror Table Lamp

$36.00 USD

It is a mirror and a table lamp, kind of weird for combine two total differnt things. And yes, we did it. With 2,700–3,000 K color temperatures light, this mirror help you get the same effect when you are outdoors....

LED Mirror Clock

$14.00 USD - Sold Out

1. Time and date automatically switch display 2. Alarm Clock, Snooze Function< 3. Can be a mirror, but also a clock 4. Blue Night Light Function 5. Flashes at all times; mode and voice-activated, vibration mode, Changing mode. When the...

Portable Folding Comb With Round Mirror

$6.00 USD

Folding and compact design for easy carrying. Mini size fits right in pocket, purse, clutch bag. Package includes one Pop-up hair brush with mirror. The hair brush is made from special material and it can massage your head. You will...

4Port Blue Light Mirror HUB

$12.00 USD

The high-speed USB Hub with 4 Ports for PCs and laptops comes with a mirrored surface that has four blue lights. This compact, USB 4-Port hub offers instant connectivity for up to four USB devices. When connected to a PC...

Snail Shaped Toothbrush Holder

$5.00 USD

Easy to use on-touched action. With its own antibacterial material, it can keep your toothbrush more hygienically. I Your child will love to brush her teeth with this cute and lovely snail shaped toothbrush cup. Great gift to encourage good...

Cowboy Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

$12.00 USD

This toothpaste dispenser has a tape board on its back. Attach it to a tile wall, mirror or glass window. Then place a toothbrush on its cute little hands. The dispenser allows you to quickly, easily dispense toothpaste directly onto...

Special Lens & Filter Turret for iPhone

$14.00 USD

Your iPhone's better sharper and smarter, but it's still missing all those crazy stunts your Holga can pull! Sure, there's an app for that, but do you really want a robot to have all the fun?Just spin the disk and...