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Wall Mounted CD Player

This is the ninth generation product which has advanced from the last product and has improved. It is an art work with fine and perfect tone quality, giving you a unique experience. There are no other switches in CD cover you can watch directly. Pulling the power line will turn on the CD. It can be placed on the wall as an ornament. 

The product is equipped with digital display screen, making the frequency range and music play easily and clearly. The product is also equipped with bass speaker reflector. Three speakers are played in cooperation and combination of high and low tones is beyond compare. It supports USB and SD card to play songs and has chooses songs by number, single song repeating and automatically plays a whole CD. It has song, volume and FM memory by interruption of power supply. As it adopts a mounted holder patent technique, which needs not be punched on the wall, it is easy and safe to install. There are two optional colors which are white and blue.

Size: 15.6x5.6cm
Support CD/CD-R
Support Mp3/Wma
100~240V Power
Radio signal reception frequency:87.5MHz/1.8.0MHz
Low-frequency vibrator: 4.0cmX1
Rated impedance:4Ohm
Speaker rated output power: 3Wx2



The CD plate in product images are not included.

Type: Gadgets