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USB Output Volt Ampere Meter

Want to know how fast your smartphone and tablet are charging through the Micro USB or Apple Lightning interface? This lovely USB Power Meter is all you need! Flexible, Easy to use and robust Voltage and Current tester that reads the USB status to you in real-time style!

Want to know why your USB Charging is slow and take forever time? This cute device is what exactly you need - To show you the USB charging current and voltage instantly. Through it you can quickly find out which USB cable and USB wall charger/Car charger/Solar Panel Charger gives you the fastest charging performance!

Supply voltage, test voltage: DC 3.2-10V
Test Current: 0-3A (10A Maximum, If more than 3A, can not work continuously)
Operating Current: <20mA; Display: 0.28 "LED, Red/Red; Accuracy: 1% (± 2 digits)
Dimensions: 69 x 26 x 14mm
USB extension cable: about 120mm

Category: Portable Tools

Type: Gadgets