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Touch Sensing Thermos with Temperature Display

This thermos gives an LED readout of its contents' precise temperature, plus a glowing blue, orange, or red heart indicating hot, warm, and cold when touched, represents the pinnacle of beverage containment.

At a caress of fingers the thermal cup alights with a precise temperature reading, and a blue heart if its liquid is below 35 degrees C (95 F), orange if it's between 35 and 65 C (95 to 149 F), and red if it's over 65 C.

It is a bit strange to have a thermos that needs power, however, the intention is not to simply provide awareness of the temperature but more critically to provide an emotional context and relationship with the device its contents.


Cup Size:206x70x70mm
Temperature Display
Shows heart shape when touching the cup(heart color changes with temperature)
Powered by battery,not includes battery

1. Please clean cup again confirmed cup bottom screw tightening.
2. This product is not completely sealed cup, please pay attention to the use of moving.
3. Please don't put the cup of hot water to children to play.
4. First used need to install batteries.

Category: LED

Type: Mug