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Special Lens & Filter Turret for iPhone

Your iPhone's better sharper and smarter, but it's still missing all those crazy stunts your Holga can pull! Sure, there's an app for that, but do you really want a robot to have all the fun?

Just spin the disk and position your lens of choice over your iPhone's camera. You can preview the effect on your screen, the fire away!



1. Dual image lens: producing 2 identical images.
2. Triple image lens: producing 3 identical image.
3. Romantic corrugated mirror: the right side of the corrugated shape,from static images into dynamic image. 
4. 60 mm Macro lens: for taking macro pictures at approximately 60mm from lens. 
5. Empty hole: for taking pictures without any special effect. 
6. Red filter with clear heart shape centre: to reduce absorption of blue & green lights with clear heart shape centre to stand out object. 
7. Blue filter lens: the mark is blue solid circle,and the middle is the five-pointed star,then sky blue foil,plus more outstanding subject. 
8. Starburst lens: make you feel the scenery is moving fast. 
9. Spark lens: this lens is generally used at night, the lighting of the photo is very beautiful,and have a star twinkling effect. 
10. image mirage lens: change one scenery into six same sceneries.