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Rabbit Ears Speaker for iPhone 4S

Rabbit Ears Speaker is a cutie desktop made in Korea stand made for iPhone 4 and 4S, with the signature bunny ears as the speaker amplifier when no power input is required. By simply attaching the speaker, sound from the main frame is remarkably amplified without additional batteries. Since the speaker is finished with soft 

silicone, there is no risk of developing scratches when attached on to the main frames. Sound Star is separated through 3 steps enabling cleansing with water.

The size is 70*190mm. Rabbit Ears Speaker has a unique and lovely design with 2 speakers conjuring up the image of bunny-ears. Wherever you put Sound Star in an office, car or living room, you can decorate the interior with excellence by virtue of its modern design. Upon being attached on the main frame, Sound Star can be use as a vertical or horizontal stand providing convenience in calling videophones, listening music and watching video.You do not need to worry about batteries when you watch movies for a long period of time because a cable connection for charging it horizontally is available. 

Type: Speaker