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Mini LED Sucker Light

Doulex is a famous brand of China. The LED sucker-light is his latest masterpiece which raises a vision revolutionary of night lamp. It is tiny and funny. It avoids the traditional design and makes a night lamp with a sucker as lamp holder because of the inspiration of sucker. It has three parts which are a round LED light, a soft rubber with a sucker and three fastener batteries. 

The soft rubber can be easily curved as your wish. It’s tiny and soft stature decides it not only is easy to carry, but also can be put on a desk, on a wall, even on the computer screen. As long as there is a soft place, it can be griped on the place and gives off the wonderful shine in your life.

When you first use it, you should take down the bulb and take away the switch protecting sheet in the lamp holder. Then take on the bulb and match the bottom with the holder. The lamp goes on at the push of a button and goes off at the push of a button again. It goes on easily for you.

Category: LED, Night Light

Type: Lighting