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LED Dot Matrix Digital Clock

1. Six 5*7 LED dot matrix display modules.
2. Display hour, minute and second(12 or 24 hours format optional)
3. Display month and day.
4. GPS adjust, automatic adjust every week or manually.(GPS is offered as an option).
5. GMT time zone functions, the clock will calculate the local time base on satellite receiving.
6. Temperature display(℃ or ℉ temperature unit optional. Temperature sensor is offered as an option).
7. Two alarm clock.
8. 8 steps brightness adjustable, or auto brightness according environmental light.
9. 3 different fonts.
10. 4 different digital switching effects.
11. Display auto rotating.
12. Highg-accuracy, +_2min/per year.
13. IR remote controller operation.
14. Bulit-in backup lithium battery, maintain clock at more than 3 years.
15. 10 custom group message disply.

Category: LED

Type: Clock