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Heartbeat Ring

When the heartbeat time is coming, you should have something to do. A pounding heart lips ring designed by angs has been started. Do you still remember the pounding heart time? The heart is too naughty a creature. The word in your mouth must be to be quiet, be quiet and don't let others see the restlessness down there.

This ring shows the true feeling of that moment. A heart is laid atop the ring circle and flashed the rosy shine. It is made of 925 silver electroplating 18K rosy gold. The mean of the ring is that your heart is pounding for her, when you send this ring to your lover. If you are running after a girl, you can send this ring to her. The unique style shows your sincerity. She can get the information from you. Perhaps a sweet love affair is beginning immediately.

Category: Ring

Type: Jewelry