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Fotopro Octopus Tripod

When you want to have photos with your loved one when travelling out, you find out that there is no place to put the camera. The beauty scene cannot be photographed because there is no place to put the camera. The whole scene of the family party cannot be gotten because of finding no suitable angle. If you have met with these problems, you really need an Octopus Tripod which gives more possibility to your photography life.

It can afford 2 to 6 kg and is fit for single-reflection camera and card camera with the lens under 80 mm. The body of the tripod is connected by spheroid and made of plastic material for professional engineering, which is bright, luster and durability. The design is cool and fashionable. Every flexible joint allows you to rotate and bend 360 degree to form the perfect shape. It has three kinds of spikes and contains steel pin, magnetic pin and sucker to be fit for different scenes.
It is convenient, multi-use and ever-changing. Its weight is 330g which makes it easy to carry. It has four kinds of fixation to satisfy with the demands of every scene. Because of the material it used, it can pose as many moldings as you wish.  

This Three-footed Octopus tripod catches and holds your digital cameras tightly and gently! Enjoy taking pictures without using your hands!

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