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Flower Vase Style Humidifier

These years "Air conditioning disease" is the increasingly popular response in office ladies from watching the computer day by day. If you want to avoid or lighten this disease, except by drinking more water, you can put a humidifier on your desk. The humidifier can accommodate the air temperature which can prevent disease, remove the static and protect the skin. Why not enjoy a Mini humidifier?

There is a vase humidifier produced by the Doulex, a creative brand. The weight is 198g, while the size is 16.8cm*6.7cm*6.7cm. It used ABS and TPR as materials. A fine USB connector provides power. The tiny shape makes it useful in every place you like, and then enjoy the moist from water any place, any time. There are four optional colors you can choose, green, orange, violet and brown.

For the vase like shape, this humidifier has gentle lines and aesthetic shape. When you put it on your desk, replenish water for skin and make a clean and humid condition for your work place. It attaches to your life closely due to its happy color, simple shape and soft hand feel. Besides, if you do not use it for humidifying, you can put a sunflower to decorate your work place and embrace a great mood.

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