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Car Travel Inflatable Bed

Sleeping in the car is typically a last ditch effort at getting some shut eye. Whether you’ve been kicked out, ran away from home, or are temporarily displaced, the Inflatable Car Airbed seems to like an excellent way to convert an uncomfortable back seat into a suitable spot to rest. It’s also perfect for long road trips, where taking turns behind the wheel and being able to doze off is essential. And no, I’m not going to get into what other scenarios would benefit from a deluxe backseat experience, ya pervert. Draw your own conclusions.

The folded volume: 25cm x 22cm x10cm
Mattress Spread to Size: length 115-130cm, width 85-90cm
Pad to Height: 38cm-43cm, Mattress Thickness: 8cm
Maximum Load- bearing: 300kg
High quality PVC manufacturing, soft and comfortable, flocked.

Type: Other