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Backcare Pad

This is a unique backcare pad, whose design has won an award in Germany. No matter how poor the chair you have is, it will be in the first-class section of healthy seating when using this backcare pad. Orthopedist, gynecologist and neuropathist all highly recommend it. Therofre, it is fit for those who need to sit on a chair for a long time such as a driver, office lady, pregnant lady or someone who has waist or back pain. 

It's made of ABS material, which is certified through environmental protection. The weight is 1.52kg and the adjustable height is from 38cm to 45cm. The backcare pad is designed to encourage ergonomic posture by providing the best possible support to the back. The unique air ventilation design can adjust to the optimum position. The twin back design can help guide the spine correctly, set it free from stress, and reduce fatigue. 

It helps to relieve back pain, correct poor sitting position and contours to your spine. It also contains bamboo charcoal fiber for a deodorant effect, releasing cells and enhancing immunity, and also a far infrared ray effect to enhance hypodermic blood circulation.


Size: 40*42*13cm
Weight: 1.52Kg