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Magic Pen Inductive Tank

Just use the marker and draw a line on paper, then set the tank on the line and it follows the line! Amazing is’t it? The tanks have an optical sensor that reads the black line drawn on a piece of paper. Simply draw a thick line that is at least a 0.3 inch thickness, place the tank on the drawn line and it will run on the line automatically. Put as many of these toy tanks on the track and they will not interfere with each other.

How to play: 1. Use an ordinary dark colored crayon or marker to draw a line on a white piece of paper. 2. Turn on switch on the button of the tank. 3. Place tank on top of the drawn line. 4. The tank will run on the line automatically. 5. If the line finished, the tank will continue in the direction followed from the previous line. 6. If the line is too thin, the vehicle may stray off the line, please make the line thicker ( the line should be a quarter inch thickness ). Features:

  • The tank powered by 4 x AG 13 button cell.
  • Marker pen and batteries are included.
  • The line: not under 4mm, not overrun 10mm, non sharp-angled line.
  • Size: 6.6 x 4.5 x 4.3cm
  • Weight: 142g

Package include: 1 x Fangle tank toy tank 1 x Magic pen 1 x Instruction manual 1 x White paper with black lines

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